Monday, 29 April 2013

Banner Updates

Firstly, thanks everyone for the super awesome comments. Glad people seem to be liking the new simple design. Here is some of my own feedback

@Molly - Yep, there will be all the most used buttons down the side with little thumbnail graphics and colour patterns to help guide. This will include all the CGAA Misc and Supplement stuff. Hopefully it'll be easy to get to all the context.

@Joey - A QA type tab seems like a great idea. I think the top bar of tabs will all link to more information type pages. So, pages with timetables and admin and paperwork stuff. The right hand bar will link to more graphical info.

@Andriana - There are some header updates below, more possibly to come but these are quick changes. The facebook page sounds like a good idea, but I'm not too sure how others feel. Those types of things often need maintaining and management. What do other people think about extending the blog onto other platforms (facebook, twitter etc etc.)

So, here are some banner type things. Let me know what you think. Also, anymore feedback around things people would like to see. What information is important to you when you use the blog?


Here's a video to make this look more like a blog post.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

One a Day - ARK

So, today's one-a-day animation is titled Ark. Not only is this short animation an incredible demonstration of the 3 act narrative but shows just how important style and art direction are to binding a short together. The narrative examines a world that has been almost devastated by a virus, the survivors of which board the final arks and travel out to find new land. It is a great example of the 3 act structure, the world and narrative is set up and explained to the audience. A problem then arises which alters events, and finally the third act conveys the solution or twist to this problem.
For those interest in the making of the film check out the official website and CG Society article on the piece...