Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Test - One a Day - A Good Wife

Illustrator W. Scott Forbes' A Good Wife - a poignant, filmic short, in which environments are used to great effect and actual 'animation' is minimal. The long slow zoom that concludes the film is like a drawn out ache of loneliness and ennui - a clear example of how a choice of shot actually creates emotional content.


  1. no - that doesn't work either :( Bloody tricky all this design lark. Maybe the answer is that it's blue with the white ampersand as was, and all is good. Remember I said that the UCA marketing people will shoot me if the official UCA logo doesn't appear on here... well, they're still going to shoot me. I know it's going to be difficult, but is there any way at all it can find its way into the top banner in a way that isn't too horrible - it can be the blue colour. What I'm thinking is possibly, that the 'CGAA Blog is centralised and that you create another equal sized box on the left and between another two of those brackets you put the UCA logo - no, just looking at the alignments, it's going to throw everything out - any ideas? Actually, I suppose it could sit under the 'CG Arts & Animation' inside slightly larger parentheses or something like that? :/

  2. I agree (also, this is exactly why I will never work in marketing) but I've had a think and maybe we just need to go back to basics and rethink colour. The colour across the multiple posts and banner headings provides a nice array of "saturation" so maybe the heading should have less of all this. I'll post up some alternatives in a min, but what do you think about less colour on the header?