Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Header Rethink

So, less colour and a touch of marketing. If this is way off, let me know, but I think this green might work better along with a very simple desaturated colour scheme. The blue reminds me too much of my own work, this seems a bit more subtle but readable?


  1. I like it - very demure - I'm just wondering if that green could be accented a bit elsewhere now - for the text across the top tabs for example? Also - and this maybe just me, but I do like the default font that's on the original group blog, as opposed to 'arial' here - I can't remember without checking what the default font was, but I just think it's still formal, but not as 'formal' as arial looks here in contrast to the banners etc.

    1. Yep, I think this simplified title works a lot better now. I've tried changing the text of the selected page to accent the title, but I may spread this across the entirety of the tabs up top. I've changed the font to Verdana, is this an improvement or was the old blog using a different font.