Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Banner Updates

So, here are the changes made to the banners for each specific post. These will transfer across to tabs on the sidebar as well, which I'll be uploading a little later.

I'm also still not too sure about the colour banner at the top of the page so I'll be messing around with that for a little while. Any opinions on what the header banner should be like? It's just something that's been nagging me. More soon.


  1. Hey Jordan :)

    I wondered if the ice-cream thing would disappear... A suggestion then; how about keeping the main title blue, but the little square version on the right as multi-coloured, but taking in some of the more saturated colours of the various banners?

    Re. the banners - The Tune is much more iconic now. I'm wondering if 'Design' needs simplifying still further, as including the initial 'D' rather begs the question why there are not initials in all the other logos? How about just taking your blue-print idea, and just zooming in so we have something more graphical involving the schematic - simpler, but essentialised? Likewise, I think the 'Misc' question mark could be a single typeface question mark, but enlarged and cropped nicely by the edge of the banner (btw I like what you've done with the one-a-day capsule), I think The Supplement could be even bolder/more abstract still and 'Essential Reading' feels to me like it should be typeface-centric - so maybe 'abc' in courier, but filling the frame somehow?

    1. Hi Phil,

      Instantly I see what you mean. Those icons are way too muddled compared to the others. I've edited them again and altered this post with the updates. I'll take a break from it tonight and take a look at them with fresh eyes in the morrow, but things seems to be slowly fitting into place which is good. The blog header is also updated, thoughts and ideas welcome :)