Monday, 4 February 2013

Blog Updates

So, the basic framework for the blog is starting to come together. It's simple, easy to read / view and large enough to post video and images at a good size. The next task will be to start producing graphical elements, this means a main banner, logos, sub banners etc. This will be where the blog really starts to move forward and take on an identity.

Extra Features:

In terms of features, there are a few blogger ideas which may help the community thrive. Firstly, the poll system on the right hand bar can be used to ask questions and vote for topics. These simple ideas may be a great way of making students interact with the blog.

The bottom of the page will include posts for useful resources, archives, followers etc. In short, the top of the page will be as simple as possible, showing information that the reader will want to interact with first.

Colour / Design:

I personally prefer the blog to look dark but not completely black, this helps link colours and creates something a little warmer. It would make sense for titles / headers etc to be a muted green, this not only fits with the UCA colours but also suits the tone of the blog. Each banner / topic with a logo design will use different colours but follow this muted style.

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