Monday, 11 February 2013

Style and Design Ideas

I would like to introduce a very acoustic and natural style to the blog, simple but still interesting. This style derives from prints and hand made wood carvings. Staying away from sci-fi or CG aesthetics which are too often used for such websites. Below are a couple of design sheets exploring this print style.

The font is a free font available for all purposes, it hopefully conveys a lively and exciting message similar to the magic of animation. The colour used will be muted in tone and textured with a realistic print effect to give the appearance of screen printing or wood block printing.

The head banner will be simple, showing the course title and detail. A wire frame graphic will sit behind this. Banners and icons will share a similar style, bold and easy to recognise, these will be colour coded and fit well with the design of the rest of the website.


  1. Hey Jordan :) Thanks so much for all the work you're doing on this!

    Some feedback then: I think i've got a problem with uppercase! What would this font look like if the text was lower case? Especially for the title; you know, i don't like all that text in the top banner ; is there somewhere else we can put that information, or some other way to convey it? The other thing that marketing want is the official uca logo somewhere? Personally, i like course title in the square format - cg arts over & animation - can we try that as the banner? I think the orange might need to get a bit more orange or a bit more brown leather?

  2. Hi Phil, not a problem. I do agree that the font is a problem, at first I liked it but seeing it again it feels a bit too much like a hippy commune. Showing the info in other areas is fine, as is the UCA logo. In regards to " i like course title in the square format - cg arts over & animation - can we try that as the banner?" I'm a bit confused. Do you mean to have the blog title at "CG Arts and Animation" instead of "The CG Arts and Animation Blog"?